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What are educational loans?

Federal Educational Loans

Federal educational loans are the best and most affordable way to finance school if you don’t qualify for grants or scholarships. Educational loans have lower interest rates than traditional loans They can also be used if you were awarded grants and/or scholarships, but those sources weren't quite enough to cover all your educational costs.

Contact a Financial Assistance Representative to find out what loans may be available to you. Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

Advice on Borrowing Money for College

You don’t have to take out the full amount of the loan you are awarded. If you need it all, use it. However, it is best to handle some of the costs on your own if you can, and save yourself future interest costs.

Paula Viecelli, the Financial Aid Advisor at IntelliTec Colleges, offers this advice: "Borrow the least amount possible and make payments on interest that will accrue while you are still in school.”

When you have exhausted all grants, scholarships and federal loan options, consider using a private student loan to pay for college. These do come with higher interest rates, but they can be helpful and necessary in reaching your educational goals.

Does credit history matter when applying for loans?

Your credit history does not matter when applying for most government-backed educational loans. If you are applying for private loans or even some consolidation loans, it’s another story: your credit reports will be checked.

When do I pay back my loans?

Most government-backed loans do not need to be paid back until after you leave school, and even then there are options for deferment. Be aware that private loans and parent loans may be expected to be repaid immediately.

Student Loan Assistance

IntelliTec College has contracted with a free-help agency, Student Loan Assistance, to help you with the repayment process once you leave school and with any advice you might need over the course of paying back your student loan. Visit their site: or call 1-800-876-4930 for assistance.