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Automotive Technician Training

Train now for a new Automotive Technician career at our
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Program Supervisor Profiles

IntelliTec College Automotive Program Supervisors
IntelliTec College Automotive Program Supervisors

Can You Believe More Computer Networking Exists in Today's Cars Than in the First Apollo Mission?

That is why we train you hands-on to work on today's modern and sophisticated automobiles in our real-world automotive repair facility.

Our certified and experienced instructors have a real passion for this industry and strive to prepare you to become qualified technicians in Colorado and across the nation.

man attending automotive training school in Colorado
Schedule a tour of one of our automotive technician schools today! See for yourself how you will train hands-on in a simulated automotive repair shop to work on various makes and models of cars using Snap-on tools and diagnostic equipment.

Program Highlights

  • Get hands-on automotive training using Snap-on tools and diagnostics.
  • Design and assemble high performance engines at our Colorado Springs campus.
  • Learn light diesel engine repair at our Grand Junction and Pueblo campuses.
  • Receive personalized instruction from ASE and Snap-on certified instructors.
  • Earn your Associate of Occupational Studies Degree designed to take 18 months to complete.
  • Prepare to sit for automotive certification exams including ASE and Snap-on.

This program is available in:
Colorado Springs | Pueblo | Grand Junction

Next Classes Start: Monday, April 13  
Call: 1-800-836-1345

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Career Demand (+)

Career Demand (-)

Employers demand top qualified technicians with the knowledge and the ability to work on today's modern and highly sophisticated automobiles. Take a look at a few current automotive industry expectations:

Visit the Occupational Outlook Handbook 2012-13 Edition from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics at

Automotive Technician Career Projections

  • Jobs to increase by 124,800 for a total of 848,000 by 2020.
        Data source:
  • 10% of auto technicians earned more than $59,590 in 2010.
        Data source:
  • Auto dealers compete to hire and retain qualified technicians.
        Data source:
  • Postsecondary training is considered the best preparation for entry-level positions.
        Data source:
  • Highly qualified means highly demanded. ASE and Snap-on certifications can optimize your career opportunities.
Next Classes Start: Monday, April 13  
Call: 1-800-836-1345

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Career Opportunities (+)

Career Opportunities (-)

The automotive industry offers opportunities from specialty technician to master technician. In fact, your training will help you analyze, troubleshoot and repair in a wide variety of careers.

Here are just a few of the exciting careers possible for you as a skilled graduate from IntelliTec's Automotive Technician Program:

Automotive Technician Career Photo
Explore your new career opportunities as a skilled Automotive Technician graduate. Contact us today for more information about this program

Auto Technician Job Titles

  • General Service Technician
  • Service Advisor/Service Writer
  • Service Manager
  • Electrical Technician
  • Heating & Air Conditioning Technician
  • Service Consultant
  • Drivability Technician
  • Front-end Mechanic
  • Brake and Suspension Specialist
  • Parts Professional/Sales
  • Performance Specialist

Download PDF fileAutomotive Technician Career Flyer (Colorado Springs) File size: 1.5 MB

Download PDF fileAutomotive Technician Career Flyer (Grand Junction ) File size: 850 KB

Download PDF fileAutomotive Technician Career Flyer (Pueblo) File size: 2 MB

Next Classes Start: Monday, April 13  
Call: 1-800-836-1345

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Occupational Profiles (+)

Occupational Profiles (-)

Click on each occupational profile Click for more info for more information:

Next Classes Start: Monday, April 13  
Call: 1-800-836-1345

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Skills & Training (+)

Skills & Training (-)

Program Overview

Our program can prepare you to begin your career in the automotive industry with the confidence and skills needed to help you succeed. We're proud to offer you the following:

  • Program - Automotive Technician
  • Award – Associate of Occupational Studies Degree
  • LocationColorado Springs, Grand Junction, Pueblo
  • Length – This program is designed to be completed in 18 months.
  • Next Start Date – Monday, April 13

Enjoy the Benefits of a Snap-on Partner School

Our official partnership with Snap-on provides you the unique opportunity to:

  • Train on Snap-on tools while enrolled, which means you won't have to tote your own tools from home to school and back.
  • Receive a set of Snap-on tools and tool chest upon program completion.
  • Utilize Snap-on diagnostic platforms.
  • Receive guidance and direction from IntelliTec's staff of Snap-on certified instructors.
  • Become more marketable to employers who use Snap-on tools and diagnostic equipment in their automotive repair shops.

Get Hands-on Skills Training

Take a look at few hands-on career skills you can expect to learn in your Automotive Technician classes:

  • Automotive service
  • Inspection
  • Diagnosis
  • Installation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Engine performance
  • Diesel engine basics Click for more info
  • High performance engines Click for more info
  • High-tech diagnostic equipment
  • Computer database technical reference system
  • Electrical components/fundamentals
  • Engine installation
  • Maintenance
  • Customer service
  • Shop safety & more

download PDFAutomotive Technician Courses (Colorado Springs) File size: 63 KB

download PDFAutomotive Technician Courses (Grand Junction & Pueblo) File size: 105 KB

Next Classes Start: Monday, April 13  
Call: 1-800-836-1345

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Certification Exam Prep (+)

Certification Exam Prep (-)

We believe in your success, and we pride ourselves on your ability to perform as a professional in the automotive industry. That's why, after successfully completing your training at IntelliTec, you will be well on your way to being prepared to sit for these automotive certification exams:

Professional Automotive Certification Exams

  • EPA Section 609 Refrigerant Recovery & Recycling Certifications
    • Mobile Air Conditioning SocietyClick for more info
    • ASE Heating & Air ConditioningClick for more info

  • ASE CertificationsClick for more info
    • Engine Repair
    • Automatic Transmission/Transaxle
    • Manual Drive Train & Axles
    • Suspension & Steering
    • Brakes

    • Electrical/Electronic Systems
    • Heating & Air Conditioning
    • Engine Performance
    • Light Vehicle Diesel Engines
  • Snap-on S-Tech CertificationsClick for more info
    • S-Tech Shop Key Repair Database
    • S-Tech Hand Tool Safety
    • S-Tech Electrical Tool Safety
    • S-Tech 504/604 Multimeter
    • S-Tech Ethos
    • S-Tech Modis
    • S-Tech Vantage Pro
    • S-Tech Solus Pro
    • S-Tech Solus Ultra
    • S-Tech Verus

Learn About the Snap-on Certification Center at our Grand Junction Campus.

IntelliTec College in Grand Junction is an official Snap-on Certification Center and offers stand-alone S-Tech certification classes to the public.

Next Classes Start: Monday, April 13  
Call: 1-800-836-1345

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IntelliTec Bios (+)

IntelliTec Bios (-)

We'd like to introduce you to our Automotive Program Supervisors

Dave Neiffer

Program Supervisor
Automotive Technician

Colorado Springs Campus

Dave Neiffer photo

"You'll find your biggest successes when you screw up. They're not our proudest moments, but they certainly humble us a little and help push us to strive to get it right next time."

Get to know Dave...

  • What would you tell a student who was on the fence about attending a program of study in your department at IntelliTec? Sit in on part of a class to see if you like what is being delivered. You'll know pretty quickly if it's the right program for you. There is nothing wrong with having doubts about what you are going to do with your career, so it's helpful to access as much information first before making such a big decision.
  • What led you to this program of study? I was a car nut when I was in high school, and I guess I never grew out of it. I'm so passionate about it that even after years in the auto industry, I still attend every training opportunity offered to me. In reality, continuing education is the only way to keep up with the ongoing technological advancements.
  • If you had to share advice for prospective students in your department, what would it be? Be at school every day, pay attention, and study. They'll be the most important things you can do on the job, and if you practice them here at IntelliTec, they'll become a habit later on in life.
  • Furthermore, what life or career advice would you offer to students about to graduate? Whether you are sweeping floors, cleaning parts, or have your dream job, treat them the same; with a positive and upbeat attitude. Your enthusiasm for your job will shine through to your employer, and he will likely take notice. Even if it doesn't get you noticed right away, at least it will help you all throughout life.

Mark Faudree

Program Supervisor
Automotive Technician

Grand Junction Campus

Mark Faudree photo

Mark believes it's important to start with the basics and build from there. Once a student gets that, he'll bend over backward to ensure his students understand concepts to build toward necessary critical thinking skills.

Get to know Mark...

  • What advice would you give to a struggling student? I would tell them to take things as they come and step out of the box to determine what works and what doesn't; try to focus on what's important. The struggle is really an opportunity to learn from your mistakes.
  • What do you enjoy most about your job? I really enjoy teaching and seeing the light bulb go on as students learn. Watching them graduate and find job placement makes me feel extremely proud.
  • Have you faced a difficult/challenging time in your life? If yes, how did you resolve the issue? I come from a similar background as my students, so I know what it takes to get out of a difficult situation. My approach was to work as hard as I could to survive. It's what I've done since the age of 10 and it's gotten me to where I am today.
  • If you had to share a single piece of advice for prospective students in your department, what would it be? Apply yourself, ask questions, and learn as much as you can.

Jason Ontiveros

Program Supervisor
Automotive Technician

Pueblo Campus

Jason Ontiveros photo

Jason loves what he does for a living; it's in his breath and in his blood. He truly believes that if you're lucky enough to love what you do everyday, then going to work will never seem like a job. And as a bonus you'll find success because your passion will naturally lead you to it.

Get to know Jason...

  • What led you to this program of study? I have always been into automobiles and wanted to pass on my knowledge and love for cars to others.
  • Have you faced a difficult/challenging time in your life? If yes, how did you resolve the issue? Like a lot of people, I found trouble in my youth, but when I decided to focus on finishing school and really creating a future for myself, nothing could stop me.
  • What is it about this career field you enjoy so much? The fact that when I'm done working on a vehicle I know that I have done a good job as I watch the vehicle drive away. That's really my 'paycheck' - the pride I feel about what I've accomplished, and knowing how happy I've made the customer.
  • If you had to share a single piece of advice for prospective students in your department, what would it be? Never be afraid to tear into anything because you never know what you can accomplish if you don't at least try.
Next Classes Start: Monday, April 13  
Call: 1-800-836-1345

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