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Business Office Administration & Accounting Degree

Does working with a team and supporting people in a professional office setting excite you?

Can you multi-task and communicate clearly? If so, then you have a few of the desired skills needed to start your career in office administration.

Office Administrators are valued for their ability to use their own initiative. They organize and manage a number of tasks in an office setting important to the smooth operation of a business.

Our goal is to help you take that step toward starting your career today.

administrative professional program at colleges in Grand Junction and Pueblo Colorado
Your organizational skills and ability to multi-task - combined with your new career skills - can help you land an administrative job in a professional setting. Request more information on how you can start your career training today.

Program Highlights

  • Train to use Microsoft Office software efficiently and effectively.
  • Learn valuable business skills such as marketing, accounting and business finance.
  • Acquire human resources skills, including Human Resources Information Systems training.
  • Receive personalized instruction in small classroom sizes.
  • Earn your Associate of Occupational Studies Degree designed to take 18 months to complete.
  • Gain real experience working in a local business office performing duties during a 120-hour externshipClick for more info
  • Prepare to sit for QuickBooks Pro and Microsoft Office certification exams.

This program is available in:
Pueblo | Grand Junction

Next Classes Start: Monday, April 13  
Call: 1-800-836-1345

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IntelliTec College Business Office Administration and Accounting Program Supervisor
IntelliTec College Business Office Administration and Accounting Program Supervisor

Career Demand (+)

Career Demand (-)

The return on your educational investment can lead to rewarding opportunities as an office administrator.

Visit the Occupational Outlook Handbook 2012-13 Edition from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics at

Business Office Administration and Accounting Career Projections

  • Overall employment of secretaries and administrative assistants is expected to grow 12 percent from 2010 to 2020.
        Data source:
  • Numerous job openings will arise from the need to replace secretaries and administrative assistants who transfer to other occupations or retire.
        Data source:
  • Job opportunities should be best for applicants with extensive knowledge of computer software applications.
        Data source:
  • Because technology cannot currently substitute interpersonal skills, secretaries and administrative assistants will continue to play a key role in most organizations.
        Data source:
Next Classes Start: Monday, April 13  
Call: 1-800-836-1345

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Career Opportunities (+)

Career Opportunities (-)

Your degree opens up many options in the business world. It's time to think outside the box to find an employer right for you.

Businss Office Manager Career Photo
Perform hands-on office duties during your classroom instruction and in your 120-hour externship program. Contact us today for more information about this program.

Potential Places for Employment

  • Schools: public and private
  • Hospitals
  • Government agencies
  • Almost any business
  • Legal and medical offices
  • Tax preparation offices
  • Bookkeeping and payroll services
  • Local and state organizations
  • Non-profit organizations

Download PDF fileBusiness Office Career Flyer (Grand Junction ) File size: 1.9 MB

Download PDF fileBusiness Career Flyer (Pueblo) File size: 2.5 MB

Next Classes Start: Monday, April 13  
Call: 1-800-836-1345

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Occupational Profiles (+)

Occupational Profiles (-)

Click on each occupational profileClick for more info for more information:

Business Office Administration & Accounting professionals are employed in a variety of careers.

Next Classes Start: Monday, April 13  
Call: 1-800-836-1345

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Skills & Training (+)

Skills & Training (-)

Program Overview

It's time to take control of your professional future with a desired degree in:

  • Program - Business Office Administration and Accounting
  • Award – Associate of Occupational Studies Degree
  • LocationGrand Junction, Pueblo
  • Length – This program is designed to be completed in 18 months.
  • Next Start Date – Monday, April 13

Enjoy the Benefits from Attending our Business Office Administration and Accounting Program

Your comprehensive training in office administration provides you the unique opportunity to:

  • Complete an externship in a business office right in the community.
  • Learn the essentials of standard office procedures such as troubleshooting, problem-solving and professional responsibility.
  • Understand the value of clear communication, listening skills and participating in a team environment.

Get Hands-on Skills Training

Take a look at few hands-on career skills you can expect to learn in your Business Office Administration and Accounting classes:

  • Communication skills
  • Office procedures
  • Human resources concepts
  • Records management and access
  • Business English
  • Business math and accounting
  • Customer service and professionalism
  • Economics & marketing concepts
Next Classes Start: Monday, April 13  
Call: 1-800-836-1345

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Certification Exam Prep (+)

Certification Exam Prep (-)

After successfully completing your Business Office Administration and Accounting training at IntelliTec, you will be prepared to sit for these professional certification exams:

Professional Business and Accounting Certification Exams

  • Microsoft Office Professional 2007-2010, which includes:
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft Outlook
  • QuickBooks Pro
Next Classes Start: Monday, April 13  
Call: 1-800-836-1345

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IntelliTec Bios (+)

IntelliTec Bios (-)

We'd like to introduce you to our Business Office Administration and Accounting Program Supervisors

Shelby Maloney

Program Supervisor
Business Office Administration and Accounting

Grand Juncton Campus

Shelby Maloney photo

Teaching is more than standing in front of a classroom and imparting knowledge. It's about "listening to students, knowing their names and caring about them as individuals".

Shelby believes giving students the confidence to succeed is as valuable as anything they’ll learn in a textbook.

Get to know Shelby...

  • What inspires you as a teacher? One word – students. I hope they know they inspire us as much we hope to inspire them. Many overcome immense obstacles to reach their goals. And despite the seemingly insurmountable hurdles they’re here, pushing forward day after day. That level of dedication drives us all to work even harder for our students' success.
  • What do you think is an important element in developing relationships with students? I like to share my own successes and failures with our students. Real life experiences help to build trust and are sometimes much more valuable than a lesson out of the book.
  • How do you help struggling students? First we discuss the problem and identify a few possible solutions, and then we create a support plan to use as a guide toward improvement. Sometimes a student stops attending class, and we discover that they were falling behind, or needed to change their class, or maybe they had transportation problems. We have resources on site to help with many of these concerns, and we can provide referrals to local area resources for more challenging issues.
  • What advice would you share with graduating students? Practice your interviewing skills daily. Everyone gets nervous about interviews, but it’s how you present yourself under stress that demonstrates your value as an executive assistant. For many business grads, demonstrating grace under fire will be a daily work requirement, and the key to success is to be prepared.

Julio Martinez

Program Supervisor
Applied General Education

Pueblo Campus

Julio Martinez photo

"I can honestly say that I never saw myself teaching or running a program in a college, but I am thrilled that I made this choice to try something different."

"I feel I’ve become a very important part of our students' lives and future careers."

Get to know Julio...

  • What is it about this career field you enjoy so much? The moment that the students walk across the stage as they graduate is such a proud moment, and one that I never can forget. I love knowing that I played a part in changing the lives of my students.
  • Please share a memorable moment/success story you’ve experienced at IntelliTec. There is not a single success story, because really, each and every one of our students is their own success story.
  • Have you faced a difficult/challenging time in your life? If yes, how did you resolve the issue? When I started my Master’s Degree there was a professor who was fairly critical of my work. I had to learn to put my feelings aside and push through the class and not only survive, but finish with a good grade. I realized I couldn’t let others’ opinions deter me from completing tasks on my terms.
  • If you had to share a single piece of advice for prospective students in your department, what would it be? It is never too late to start an education. I’ve told many of my students time and time again that people can take away your house, your car, and any of your material possessions, but they can never EVER take away your education.
Next Classes Start: Monday, April 13  
Call: 1-800-836-1345

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Business Office Administration & Accounting Program Disclosures (+)





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