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Medical Assistant Graduate from Vocational College in Pueblo Pays it Forward to the Elderly and Military Veterans

Posted: September 12th, 2016   |   Author: Yvette de Ryk
Michael Ybarra - Medical Assistant at Sangre de Cristo Internal Medicine (SDCIM) in Pueblo, CO.

Michael Ybarra – IntelliTec College Medical Assisting program graduate – “pays it forward” at Sangre de Cristo Internal Medicine (SDCIM) in Pueblo, assisting the elderly and veterans with their medical needs.

Young father sets an academic example for his children by going back to school for medical assisting degree.

Michael Ybarra wouldn’t exactly describe himself as someone excited to return to the classroom. His previous challenges at school left him fearful of the idea of returning to the classroom, but his desire to leave his minimum wage job was even greater. After 10 years serving fast food, his wife and children inspired him to face his fears and enroll in the Medical Assistant program at IntelliTec College of Pueblo.

“My wife signed up for the same program at the same time. She was instrumental in convincing me that I could do this. Plus, I wanted my kids to know that I take my responsibilities as a father seriously, and that going back to school was the only way I could get ahead in life,” explains Ybarra.

Ybarra’s desire to become a medical assistant overshadowed his academic insecurities.

When Ybarra finished high school, he was certain it was the last he would ever see of a school environment. He is self-described as “anti-social” and always felt that other students judged him because he was not part of the popular crowd. However, Peggy Johnson, Medical Assistant Program Supervisor at IntelliTec College of Pueblo, describes Ybarra quite differently.

“Michael is a kind and respectful young man of character. He keeps to himself most times, remaining responsible to his school and his work, and it’s obvious he cares deeply for his family,” remarks Johnson.

His desire to become a medical assistant stems from a yearning to provide compassionate healthcare to the elderly and to give back to America’s military veterans. He believes both groups deserve a type of “pay it forward” approach as these individuals have contributed to our country in their own unique ways.

medical assisting school pueblo graduates

Husband and wife celebrate simultaneous graduations, completing their Medical Assistant degrees (occupational) from IntelliTec College of Pueblo.

Medical Assisting program graduate lands full-time work with professionalism, a strong work ethic and initiative.

Ybarra served his externship with Sangre de Cristo Internal Medicine (SDCIM) in Pueblo while completing his Medical Assistant degree, and he was immediately offered a full-time position once completing classes and his externship. Johnson is not a bit surprised at the offer.

“Michael’s ability to maintain a level of professionalism and respect in the workplace makes him a desirable employee. I can absolutely see how he is both equally liked and admired for his manner and hard work,” says Johnson.

Dr. Douglas Duffee, MD, maintains SDCIM’s small staff and believes it is imperative for the medical assistant to fit seamlessly into the culture of the office. According to Duffee, Ybarra was the clear choice.

“Michael communicates well on the phone and in the office, and he is able to manage a myriad of tasks. He’s dependable, conscientious, learns quickly, and takes initiative – a very important trait in a smaller, multi-functional office,” explains Duffee.

gradaute of medical assisting program in pueblo

An extended family has always played an important role in Michael’s life. (Medical Assisting graduate from IntelliTec College of Pueblo is pictured in red, back right.)

IntelliTec graduate credits parents in preventing him from following a potentially tragic path.

Michael gives a lot of credit for his work ethic to his mom and dad, who parented with equal parts of love and discipline. Ybarra is all too clear how his life could have taken a completely different path. Born and raised on the eastside of Pueblo came with inherent challenges of gang violence, and he witnessed first hand how children lacking proper parental modeling ended up on the streets or worse.

“My parents were my number one support through it all. I always knew I could count on them to step in whenever things became challenging,” says Ybarra.

And step in they did, assisting with daycare and offering an incredible amount of help and comfort during the birth of his son, and the death of his mother-in-law. As Ybarra explains, it sure “put the brakes on things”.

Pueblo dad hopes to have a positive influence on his children.

A lot has changed for Ybarra. He no longer has only five dollars left in his wallet after each pay period’s bills. He looks to the future, particularly his children’s futures, with confidence and determination.

“I want them to not be afraid of failure, because with failure comes opportunity. I really believe it’s better to have failed than to have never tried at all,” concludes Ybarra.


Medical Assistant Graduate Fast Tracks a New Future After Years of Fast Food Employment

Posted: August 18th, 2016   |   Author: Yvette de Ryk
Valerie Valdez has a whole new outlook on her future as a Medical Assistant

Valerie Valdez – recent graduate of IntelliTec College of Pueblo – has a whole new outlook on her future with a new career as a Medical Assistant.

Pursuing a Medical Assistant Degree from IntelliTec College Runs in the Family

After eight years of struggling to make ends meet on a minimum wage salary, Valerie Valdez had enough. It was time to pursue a career: one that offered a better income now and and professional advancement and financial stability in the future.

“I wanted to provide a better future for my children,” says Valdez, “and I knew everyday I remained in fast food was one day less that I was doing the right thing for me and my family.”

Tragic Endings and a Blessed New Beginning Challenges Valdez During Her Medical Assisting Classes

Valdez’ mother pushed and encouraged her to enroll in IntelliTec College’s Medical Assistant Program in Pueblo, but she sadly passed away before she could attend her daughter’s graduation. Valdez knew the best way to honor her mother’s wishes was to finish what she started.

Coincidentally, Valdez’s mother attended the medical assistant program [tragically she did not complete it due to her illness and subsequent death], as did several other relatives, so a belief in the college ran several generations deep.

“She was my rock,” explains Valdez regarding her mother. “She always pushed me to do my very best, and even after I dropped out of high school, she believed I’d find my way back to school.”

About halfway through her Medical Assistant classes, Valdez found out she was pregnant, and while overjoyed, it meant missing some school. She soon discovered teachers and staff did more than teach and support at IntelliTec. One teacher made graduation not just possible but likely even in the midst of having a baby:

“They emailed me missed homework assignments and even threw me a baby shower,” Valerie remembers.

Valerie Valdez Medical Assisting College Pueblo and her family

Valdez celebrates Christmas with her husband, Michael, and their children, McKenzy (4) and Michael (almost 2).

Valdez Learns to Juggle Full-Time School in Medical Assisting and Full-Time Work

Valdez may have taken a short break to deliver her son, Michael, but for the most part, she worked a full workweek while attending Medical Assisting school. Her perseverance then helped her as she pursued a number of employment opportunities.

After several interviews she finally landed not just a job, but the right job. Family members recommended Valdez apply at the Pueblo Community Health Center, and after interviewing, Valdez knew immediately this was the place for her.

She was originally assigned to fill in with different medical providers, but Virginia Gillispie, FNP (Family Nurse Practitioner) was so impressed with Valdez’s organizational skills and interactions with patients, she requested that Valdez be assigned to Gillispie’s own panel.

“Patients of all ages really appreciate her smile and warm demeanor.  She is calmly able to multi-task on hectic days, and is a very quick learner,” remarked Gillispie.

Valdez Turns Tragedy Into Opportunity

Though her mother may no longer be with her, her unwavering belief in Valdez’s dedication endures long after her passing. When life became challenging, Valdez knew that her mother was looking down upon her with an unshakeable confidence. And it is with this belief that she had the conviction to change her life.

“Now everyday I look forward to going to the health center, and working with professionals who encourage me to pursue my dreams. I’m thinking about going back to school to become a registered nurse and maybe even a nurse in the near future,” exclaimed Valdez.

Celebrating is a pair of IntelliTec College of Pueblo Medical Assistant program graduates - Valerie Valdex and her husband Michael Ybarra.

Valerie Valdez and her husband, Michael Ybarra, celebrate graduating from IntelliTec College of Pueblo to become Medical Assistants.

Family Support Means the World to Valdez

Valdez recognizes her journey was possible with the help of family members, who stepped in to help care for her children while enrolled in school and even now while pursuing her career. She no longer lives paycheck-to-paycheck, and credits her husband’s family for helping make it all happen.

“They had my back when I returned to school and now while I work several 12 hour days. Quite simply, they’re a gift from God,” admitted Valdez.

About IntelliTec College of Pueblo

IntelliTec College of Pueblo, CO offers hands-on career training in the technical trades, cosmetology, allied healthcare, massage therapy, and personal training fields. These programs award either associate degrees or certificates and are designed to be completed in as little as 18 months or less. IntelliTec provides a supportive learning environment with small classes sizes and caring instructors. Learn how you can improve your life with a meaningful career by requesting information at or calling 719-542-3181.


Colorado Springs Motorcross Athlete Races to a Career in Personal Training

Posted: July 13th, 2016   |   Author: Yvette de Ryk
Colorado Springs Personal Trainer graduate Brett Stralo - Motorcross athlete

Motocross racing is a serious passion for IntelliTec College Personal Trainer graduate.

Life-Long Athlete and Army Veteran Bret Stralo Overcomes Challenges

Words like commitment and drive are often overused, particularly when they relate to the effort necessary to change career paths. The journey to a new career generally includes learning the necessary content in the field, applying newly acquired skills and training, and hoping there’s a job available at the end of the academic tunnel. Or you can do what Personal Training graduate Brett Stralo did: transform his talents as a professional athlete into a successful career.

Personal Athleticism Drives IntelliTec College Graduate to a Career as a Personal Trainer

Stralo began motocross racing at the age of six. Over the years he has celebrated a number of successes, from regional and national championships to earning his way into the A class. He is currently working on a state title and anticipates receiving his professional license this year. This passion for motocross required extreme dedication and physical commitment every day of his life.

Personal Trainer Brett Stralo puts in long days at Tru Fit Athletic Club, but he loves every minute of it. He is a graduate of the Personal Training program at IntelliTec College in Colorado Springs.

Personal Trainer Brett Stralo puts in long days at Tru Fit Athletic Club, but he loves every minute of it. He is a graduate of the Personal Training program at IntelliTec College in Colorado Springs.

It’s not something you can do when the mood strikes. To be successful, it takes everything you’ve got,” Stralo emphasizes.

He recently graduated from IntelliTec College in Colorado Springs with an Associate of Occupational Studies degree in Personal Training. His take-charge attitude fueled the completion of his internship in half the expected time, but it is his personable approach that makes him a well-rounded trainer. Tru Fit Athletic Club in Aurora recognized his unique talents during Stralo’s internship there and hired him on as a permanent personal trainer at their facility. His days are long, but according to Stralo, it is a necessary time investment in order to build his client base.

“My days start at 4:00 am end at 8:00 pm Monday – Friday. These hours accommodate scheduled clients and allow for drop-ins looking for a trainer,” acknowledges Stralo. “Building a client base means you have to keep an open schedule at the gym, but on the plus side, these long hours allow me to be home on weekends.”

Stralo Balances Work Schedule With Family Life

Weekends are dedicated to his 5 year-old son, Blake, and to his new wife, Sarah. Family time reminds him of the need to strike a balance between work and play. Stralo admits this can sometimes be difficult. Once he determined it was time to switch careers [from a soldier in the Army] and pursue his degree at IntelliTec College, he put every ounce of effort into doing so with integrity and professionalism. He believes if he spends time now building a career he’ll lay the path to future success.

“I knew if I committed myself to school and the knowledge the teachers provided I’d have a chance to do something professionally I’d always been personally passionate about,” says Stralo.

TruFit Personal Trainer Brett Stralo and family.

Weekends are family time for Brett Stralo with wife, Sarah and son, Blake.

Exceptional Teachers + Dedicated & Passionate Student = Professional Success

Stralo credits Sarah Peterson and Timothy Agan, Personal Trainer Instructors at IntelliTec College, for sharing their knowledge and life experience in the personal training profession. He recognizes that their investment and encouragement in him (and all the students) helped him become one of the best personal trainers in the business. However, the praise is equally reciprocated.

“Brett is extremely dedicated and passionate about the field of health and fitness. He’s highly professional and – most of all – truly caring toward each and every client he worked with during his time as a student trainer,” observes Peterson.

Agan adds, “He’s just very approachable and personal. He always wants to learn new training exercises to help clients both physically and mentally.”

Stralo Takes Command of Challenges – Overcomes Them with Prayer, Determination, and Faith

Stralo believes the formula for success is fairly straightforward. Apply yourself to your education with a professional attitude and overcome challenges that threaten to block the path to your goals. He acknowledges everyone experiences roadblocks. However, it is how you face them that determine the outcome. His past included a period as a single father with no support system. This left him un-deployable in his military career and facing the need to establish a new career. So, he turned to what he knew best: fitness. With prayer, determination, and faith, Stralo now enjoys a career where success at the gym takes on an entirely new meaning.

About IntelliTec College in Colorado Springs

IntelliTec’s Personal Training program offers an Associate of Occupational Studies Degree that features step-by-step training using the official NASM curriculum.

IntelliTec College in Colorado Springs, CO offers hands-on career training in the technical trades, computer technology, allied health care and personal training fields. These programs award either associate degrees or certificates and are designed to be completed in as little as 18 months or less. IntelliTec provides a supportive learning environment with small classes sizes and caring instructors. Learn how you can improve your life with a meaningful career by requesting information at or calling 719-632-7626.


Massage Therapist Translates Computer Hobby Into New Career as Help Desk Specialist

Posted: June 10th, 2016   |   Author: Yvette de Ryk
Rebecca Annis computer network systems technician graduate

A fun hobby translates into a new career for Rebecca Annis, a Computer Network Systems Technician graduate of IntelliTec College in Colorado Springs. She is currently employed as a Help Desk Specialist at Progressive Insurance.

Computer Technician Graduate Believes: Better Care of Self Leads to Better Care of Others

Rebecca Annis’ long-time massage therapy clients knew she had it in her to follow her dreams. Not that massage therapy was not a satisfying career for her. After 13 years in the industry she had a loyal client base and owned her own business. But she just needed the encouragement to turn her love of computers into a new career path where she could potentially earn more money and become part of a growing industry. And though she was hesitant to begin the Computer Network Systems Technician (CNST) program, when she finally leaned in, it turned out to be a perfect fit.

“To be honest, I had a bit of an attitude toward the idea of enrolling in a ‘trade’ school. I’ve always believed the more traditional colleges offered a stronger curriculum and employers looked to these schools when hiring employees,” admits Annis.

Rebecca’s Interviewing Confidence Leads to Job Offer from Progressive Insurance



Colorado Springs Medical Assistant Practices Professionalism Beyond the Office Doors

Posted: June 1st, 2016   |   Author: Yvette de Ryk

New IntelliTec College Grad’s Likable and Easy-Going Personality Well-Suited to Local Optometrist’s Office Environment

Shauna Matthews displays a calm and caring demeanor at her new job with Our Eye Doctor

Shauna Matthews displays a calm and caring demeanor at her new Medical Assisting job with Our Eye Doctor in Colorado Springs. 

Shauna Matthews is a walking endorsement for the saying, “smile – it’s contagious.” She brings a light and positivity into every room she enters, and her self-assuredness lets patients know they have come to the right optometrist’s office.

That’s exactly what Dr. Kara Fedders, O.D. with Our Eye Doctor recognized when she first met Matthews and immediately hired her. Fedders knew she wanted Matthews’ smile and cheerful attitude to be the first thing to greet her patients.

“You can train skills, but I always hire personality. I knew she [Matthews] would fit right in the moment I met her. She comes across as genuine and caring, and patients respond to that,” says Fedders.

Recent Medical Assisting Graduate Overcomes A Lackluster Academic Past

Matthews’ determination helped to increase her 2.0 high school GPA to a 4.0 GPA and placed her in the National Honors Society throughout her entire Medical Assisting program at IntelliTec College in Colorado Springs, CO. (more…)


Automotive Technician Appreciates Fun and Friendly Atmosphere at Grand Junction Subaru

Posted: May 11th, 2016   |   Author: Yvette de Ryk
Dustin Cooper Automotive Technician Graduate Success Story - IntelliTec College in Grand Junction

Dustin Cooper, Automotive Technician working at Subaru in Grand Junction.

New IntelliTec College Graduate Dustin Cooper Finishes What He Starts – an Associate’s Degree and a New Career

Cooper had a lot of experience working on cars in his free time and at his gas station job, but his knowledge ended at the basics. Now that he’s completed his hands-on career training as an automotive technician and works full-time as an Automotive Technician at Grand Junction Subaru, he’s proud of the new skills in his toolbox.

“Now when you hear that knocking sound in your car, I can diagnose it when you bring it in,” jokes Cooper.

Helpful Colleagues and an Easy-Going Attitude Make Going to Work Enjoyable

According to IntelliTec’s Automotive Program Supervisor Mark Faudree, Cooper can do a lot more than diagnose car troubles. He was a top performer while enrolled in school, and he made sure to both learn and master a skill before moving on to something new.

“Dustin is a self-starter; dedicated, dependable, and steps in willingly to help out. He’s a real asset to the automotive field, and I think any company would be proud to hire him on as a technician,” says Faudree.

Dustin Cooper Automotive Technician Graduate Success Story - IntelliTec College in Grand Junction

Dustin Cooper and fiance – Automotive Technician Graduate Success Story – IntelliTec College in Grand Junction

Cooper Stays Focused in College to Earn a Successful Career as an Automotive Technician



Pueblo Business Graduate Follows Strategic Path to Success: Set Goals, Show Up and Do the Work

Posted: April 27th, 2016   |   Author: Yvette de Ryk
IntelliTec Grad wants to pass on the message to her son "never give up."

IntelliTec Grad wants to pass on the message to her son, “Never give up!”.

Business Graduate’s Well-Prepared Portfolio Convinced Parkview Medical Center Employers of Her Skills and Professionalism

Raven Saccomanno found herself accepting her first job offer in her chosen career within weeks of her graduation from the Business Office Administration and Accounting (BOAA) program at IntelliTec College of Pueblo. While it all happened fairly quickly, she felt ready to take on the challenge of a new career as Admitting Representative at Parkview Medical Center. Parkview is a private, non-profit healthcare facility in Pueblo, Colorado.

Saccomanno Enjoys a Family-Like Work Environment

Raven loves that she found a job specifically related to her degree, but mostly, she loves the people and the place where she works.

“For me it’s like my second home, and everyone is like family. I felt welcomed from the start,” said Saccomanno.

IntelliTec Graduate’s Patience and Composure Ensures Parkview Patients Stress-Free Admittance

Saccomanno is the first person an admitting patient speaks to. She creates a relationship with that individual sets the tone for his/her experience at Parkview.

Her ability to competently enter new patient data, and at the same time calmly address the individual’s concerns, speaks to her newly acquired business administration skills and training at IntelliTec College.

“Everything I learned at college (computer skills and customer service) is basically what I do everyday. And the smaller class sizes helped me to experience more one-on-one time with super helpful teachers and supervisors. At this school it’s obvious they want you to pass,” explained Saccomanno.

BOAA grad Raven Saccomanno and her son share in her special moment

Business Adminsistration and Accounting graduate Raven Saccomanno and her son share in her special moment.

Help From Her Mom Made Pursuing Her Degree a Family Affair

As a single parent, Saccomanno wants her son to know that no matter what, she’ll always be there for him and to never give up. Just as her mother provided the time and support Saccomanno needed to completely focus on school, she wants her son to recognize the role his family plays when challenges arise. Saccomanno’s mom sacrificed sleep time to ensure her son had proper care, allowing school to remain a priority for this IntelliTec College graduate.

“She was my rock. I can’t begin to thank her for all she’s done for me,” said Saccomanno.

Business Administration Graduate’s Academic Commitment Leads to 4.0 GPA

Raven made three promises to herself at the very beginning:

  1. Strive for a 4.0 GPA.
  2. Maintain perfect attendance.
  3. Take advantage of any study time available to complete her work.

Her promises paid off in spades. She was recognized as a Student Ambassador and received a scholarship, and she also enrolled in the National Technical Honor Society. Teachers and staff at IntelliTec College of Pueblo immediately recognized her efforts.

Program Supervisor Julio Martinez explains, “What set her apart from most of the other students in the program is her commitment to the program. She had 100% perfect attendance during her entire 18-month program. There were even times where she would come wrapped in a blanket and bring her own box of tissues because she did not want to miss a single day of class.”

Saccomanno’s Efforts Extended Beyond the Classroom, Offering Assistance to Those Less Fortunate



Pueblo Beauty School Grad Extends Passion for Make-up Into Cutting Edge Cosmetologist

Posted: April 1st, 2016   |   Author: Yvette de Ryk

IntelliTec College Cosmetology Graduate Brings Newly Earned Skills to Family-Owned Salon

IntelliTec College in Pueblo Cosmetology graduate Evany Andrews puts her new skills to work at a family owned business

PHOTO: IntelliTec College in Pueblo Cosmetology graduate Evany Andrews puts her new skills to work at a family owned business.

Evany Andrews knew there was no fast and easy way to reach her professional goal. This graduate from IntelliTec College of Pueblo understands it’s really about staying focused every day in order to keep things constantly moving forward. When she began Cosmetology classes at IntelliTec, she was already working full time and single parenting two children. As if that wasn’t enough, her car broke down just to test her limits. But Andrews is no quitter.

“I struggled – no doubt about it. But I was determined,” she said.

Cosmetology Graduate Focuses on Styling African American Hair in Pueblo

The struggle paid off, first with  her professional cosmetology certificate and next with a job at her brother’s salon, Evan’s Heaven in Pueblo. Their specialty is African American hair, and Andrews credits one teacher in particular who challenged her with learning specific cutting and styling techniques on African American hair.

“As an African American, I felt that [styling African American hair] was something I really needed to know,” Andrews maintained.

She’s had an ongoing love affair with make-up since childhood and knew that in order to pursue her passion she’d have to first complete her Cosmetology certificate.

“I chose IntelliTec because I’d heard lots of positive things about it from my boyfriend who was in the auto program at the Colorado Springs campus. Plus, I really believe they have the best school for cosmetology with the most qualified instructors,” said Andrews.

Andrews plans a future for herself and for her kids

PHOTO: Andrews plans a future for herself and for her kids.

She also liked that there were no prerequisites to complete and that she could immediately learn the necessary content and practical application to help her begin working in the cosmetology industry.

“They offer so many opportunities while you’re there and help you find jobs even after you finish. They even help you find daycare for your kiddos if you need it!” commented Andrews.

Skilled Cosmetologists Can Look to a Variety of Opportunities

What Andrews has noticed is that the whole cosmetology vibe has changed in the last several years, and she no longer feels she has to choose between hair and make-up; Andrew’s wants to do it all! Her goal is to be a respected businesswoman in the community where one day she’s recognized for her on-trend skills as well as possibly her own cosmetic line.

“I know it’s a very ‘in the future’ goal, but I think it’s important to professionally evolve every five years. When corporate trainers presented on campus, I learned to look ahead at what lay in the future for cosmetology and think in broader terms,” said Andrews.

Evany Andrews - Professional Cosmetologist, IntelliTec College of Pueblo graduate.

PHOTO: Evany Andrews – Professional Cosmetologist, IntelliTec College of Pueblo graduate.

After high school it was eight years before she decided she needed a career and not just a job. At that point she had two children to support, and it was tough to get back into the groove of classes and homework. But from the moment she enrolled she found an incredible amount of support from all the teachers at IntelliTec College of Pueblo.

“Peggy Gunther was instrumental in helping me with anything I needed. It really felt like every teacher was invested in my success,” Evany recalled.

Andrews Encourages Others with Her Contagious Laugh and Welcoming Smile

Cosmetology Program Supervisor Peggy Gunther knew there was something special about Andrews that couldn’t be taught in the classroom. Gunther noted how Andrews made people feel instantly welcome, which in turn made people want to be around her. And when she came to IntelliTec, she came prepared.

“She recorded a number of tutorials and created a portfolio on make-up applications long before attending IntelliTec. These are just a couple of examples of how Evany actively sought out educational opportunities to always improve her skills,” added Gunther.

Andrews felt like she had many positive messages from teachers at IntelliTec. These were the ones she turned to most when times got hard and she struggled to keep her focus.

“Life happens and even though you might get discouraged, keep your head up and your goals in mind. Look toward graduation so you can envision life in the real world. And keep it moving forward – always forward,” she said.

About IntelliTec College of Pueblo

IntelliTec’s Cosmetologist certification program is designed to be completed in 15 months. The program will prepare you to sit for the Colorado State Board of Cosmetology exam. Students learn the value of clear client communication and how to apply styling techniques on real clients in the College’s own cosmetology school salon.

IntelliTec College of Pueblo offers hands-on career training in the cosmetologist, automotive technician, medical assistant, nursing assistant, business office administration and accounting, and personal trainer fields with associate degree (occupational) and professional certificate programs. Request information at or call 800-724-9636.


Personal Training College Graduate Reshapes Her Life in More Ways Than One

Posted: February 11th, 2016   |   Author: Yvette de Ryk

Attending College, Like Everything in Life, is About Dedication and Perseverance

Personal Training Graduate Nichole Richardson

IntelliTec College of Pueblo’s Personal Training program graduate Nichole Richardson found balance between college and parenting.

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that impact our attitude and set the tone for the day ahead. For Nichole Richardson, IntelliTec College of Pueblo’s Personal Training graduate, it was the daily motivational quotes one of her teachers posted on the gym wall.

“I always looked forward to seeing what wisdom she had to share with us each day,” says Richardson.

Even after graduation, she revisits those pearls of wisdom as a means to motivate and inspire when daily life gets overly hectic.

The Personal Training Program at IntelliTec College Fit Her Like a Glove

After a recent move to Colorado, this single mother of three found herself needing to re-enter to the workforce, so she turned to her passion as a means to support herself professionally.

“I have always had a love of fitness, and when I saw that IntelliTec offered a degree and a personal training certificate, I jumped at the chance to follow my dreams,” explains Richardson.

Nichole previously attended a college where classes were large and impersonal, and she preferred the small class environment at IntelliTec where instruction was focused and individualized.

Finding a Balance Proves to be the Greatest Challenge

As any single parent recognizes, setting a balance between college and parenting is a challenging task. Richardson faced it head-on with a straightforward practicality.

“It’s something I just had to learn to juggle. It’s just part of being a mom,” she says.

According to her program supervisor, Peggy Rayburn, Richardson always found time to lend a hand to her fellow classmates.

“Nicole was always a team player.  She would volunteer for outside events as well as help those who needed it,” comments Rayburn.

Instructors Take Time to Teach Inside and Outside Classrooms

Nichole viewed this approach as just another component of her degree, which she learned first-hand from invested instructors. She notes IntelliTec teachers would go to any length to ensure students were successful, making themselves available before and after class to revisit content or answer questions.

“They really wanted us not just to learn but to take that knowledge into our careers and succeed,” she says.

New Personal Training Job With Flexible Hours Fits Full-time Mom’s Schedule

Richardson accepted a position just two days after graduation at a large fitness center. They were able to accommodate her full-time parenting demands and schedule her with part-time hours, which fit her needs perfectly. She loves everything about her job, from the owners to her co-workers, and she feels lucky she gets to spend so much time in a gym pursuing her passion for fitness.

Nichole reminds students, especially “seasoned” students returning to the classroom who question their potential success,

“Even those with unfailing motivation can sometimes hit a wall. Always remember why you enrolled in the first place, and then start by putting your nose to the grindstone. If you maintain a singular focus – success – that commitment will pay off,” encourages Richardson.

About IntelliTec College of Pueblo

The Personal Training program in Pueblo gives you hands-on career training to earn your earn your Associate of Occupational Studies degree, designed to be completed in 18 months. IntelliTec College of Pueblo offers hands-on career training in automotive technician, business office administration and accounting, cosmetology, medical assistant, and personal training fields with associate degree (occupational) and professional certificate programs. Request information at or call 1-800-724-9636.


9 Months at College Leads to 3 Job Offers for Pharmacy Technician Graduate Taeler Monroe

Posted: February 6th, 2016   |   Author: Yvette de Ryk

“I have goals now. I’d like to further my career and eventually work in a hospital. But my immediate plan is to buy a house.” – Pharmacy Tech grad Taeler Monroe

Have the Courage to Make a Choice and Take a Chance to Make a Change, If Not It’ll All Just Stay the Same.

Life is about choices on so many levels, and no one knows that better than recent Pharmacy Technician college graduate Taeler Monroe. Monroe was so determined to complete her pharmacy technician certificate, she drove 40 miles each way to attend classes at IntelliTec College in Grand Junction.

“She never missed a day. Even in the snowy, winter months Taeler maintained perfect attendance,” says Allison McKisson, Pharmacy Technician Program Supervisor. “I’m so proud of her drive and her determination to make a better life for herself and her son. She’s mature beyond her years,” McKisson adds.

Once she completed her nine-month Pharmacy Technician training program, Monroe interviewed for several jobs and received three offers. She was able to quit her job in the food service industry and accepted a position at a retail pharmacy with full-time hours.

“Now I come home at the end of the day and think to myself ‘I did it!’ I’m off all government help. I have a son. We have a nice place. And now I have an amazing job where we aren’t living check-to-check. Sometimes I get emotional because I would have never imagined my life like this right now,” explains Monroe.

Pharmacy Technician college graduate Taeler Monroe.

Pharmacy Technician graduate of IntelliTec College in Grand Junction: Taeler Monroe and her son.

If You Really Want It, You Find a Way to Make it Work

Taeler believes her struggles were no different than those of most students. However, she was committed to finishing what she started, regardless of her very real exhaustion from motherhood, work and academic demands. She didn’t just finish, though; she finished strong, earning a technical honor society certificate as well as straight A’s.

“I missed one day because I had my wisdom teeth removed. The next day, I went right back to class. Also, I’m the youngest to both graduate the Pharmacy Technician program and pass my national exam,” says Monroe.

To Get Somewhere You Have Never Been, You Have to Do Something You Have Never Done

“They [IntelliTec College] know you have a life. They know some of us have kids. And almost all of us work. I was really happy to discover they were flexible enough to have options that worked around my life,” explains Monroe.

There were days she struggled to manage such a hectic schedule. Between her commitments to her son, her job, and her classes Monroe questioned if she could finish her degree. She’d arrive home close to midnight most evenings completely exhausted, and wonder how she’d ever keep this going.

“Then I’d look at my sleeping son and think about his future. It would reenergize me every time,” comments Monroe.

It takes courage to take that first step, acknowledges Monroe, and then the ability to stick to a commitment. But the rewards are empowering personally and professionally. She looks ahead to her future and says excitedly,

“I have goals now. I’d like to further my career and eventually work in a hospital. But my immediate plan is to buy a house. I never thought I’d be barely 20 years old with such grown-up plans!”

About the Pharmacy Technician program in Grand Junction

The Pharmacy Technician program in Grand Junction gives you hands-on career training to earn your professional certificate, designed to be completed in nine months. Feel satisfied you are making a contribution to patient wellness as you learn to work with clinical laboratory equipment and develop hands-on pharmacy technician skills. Complete an externship and be prepared to sit for the PTCB Pharmacy Technician certification exam.

About IntelliTec College in Grand Junction

IntelliTec College in Grand Junction offers hands-on career training in the automotive technician, business/accounting, cosmetology/beauty, dental assisting, medical assisting, pharmacy technician and refrigeration & HVAC technician fields with associate degree (occupational) and professional certificate programs. Request information at or call 1-800-724-9636.


Biomedical Equipment Technician Graduate Enjoys Financial Stability and Career with Potential

Posted: January 11th, 2016   |   Author: Yvette de Ryk

“Going to School was the Easy Part; What Lead Up to it Was the Real Challenge”

Jackie McCormick - Biomedical Equipment Technician program graduate IntelliTec College in Colorado Springs

IntelliTec College in Colorado Springs graduate Jackie McCormick finds a “second family” in her new job as a Biomedical Equipment Technician at St. Anthony’s Hospital in Lakewood, CO

Sometimes it’s the kindness of strangers that can turn your wheels in the right direction. In Jackie McCormick’s case, it was an old, donated Toyota truck that drove her to a place where a new life and a successful career gained traction.

That new life started with her enrollment at IntelliTec College. “I kept seeing the commercial for the Biomedical Equipment Technician program. I’ve always been interested in the medical field, and I knew I could fix equipment,” says McCormick.

Darlene Michaelis, career services adviser at IntelliTec College, asserts most of the women in the program have a real knack for fixing things. “They aren’t afraid to take something apart and figure out how to put it together. That will make them successful in a field dominated by men. Plus, Jackie had a great attitude in working with her male classmates,” says Michaelis.

A Little Struggling Leads to a Sweeter Success

McCormick knew she found the right college when teachers in her first class immediately calmed her nerves. “I have to be honest; I was nervous and even a little scared,” she admits. However, teachers reassured her by clearly outlining course lectures and assignments. They stood by their commitment to her in the classroom and out of it. For example, when she needed to realign her daycare schedule, teachers and staff got involved to find alternative options.

In addition, McCormick had to quickly learn how to be a student again. “I’d soak up as much as I could during class, then study in the evening when my son slept,” said McCormick. Her scheduled focus enabled her to land a job at St. Anthony’s Hospital in Lakewood, CO immediately after graduation. According to McCormick, she knew it was a good fit for her after her first interview, and now that’s she’s been there several months, St. Anthony’s feels more like a family than a workplace.

A Helping Hand and Professional Advice Make All the Difference

Jackie is thankful for the support and encouragement she’s had along the way. This includes babysitting assistance from her mother-in-law to personal advice shared by instructors at IntelliTec.

McCormick learned, “I don’t have to memorize the answers, I just have to know where to find them. This really resonated with me because it’s been applicable in my academic and professional accomplishments.”

McCormick encourages anyone on the fence to take that first step with a phone call. “Why not obtain that degree that says ‘yes I can do this!’? I am so happy that I decided to further my education and actually obtain a degree which lead to a career. I not only love what I do, but I now have a future with earning potential,” she says with a smile.

About IntelliTec College in Colorado Springs

IntelliTec’s Biomedical Equipment Technician training program is an Associate of Occupational Studies Degree that is designed to be completed in 18 months. Apply hands-on maintenance and repair skills in a biomedical lab setting and look to employment opportunities at hospitals and other patient care facilities. Be prepared to sit for the Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician certification exam.

IntelliTec College in Colorado Springs offers hands-on career training in the automotive technician, biomedical equipment repair technician, computer network systems technician, medical assistant, personal trainer and refrigeration & HVAC technician fields with associate degree (occupational) and professional certificate programs. Request information at or call 800-724-9636.


Advice from this HVAC-R Grad Might Be ‘Old School,’ but It Could Lead to a Job Offer

Posted: November 22nd, 2015   |   Author: Yvette de Ryk

“Employers Appreciate What You Know – and Even What You Don’t Know – as Long as You Are Honest About Both”

HVAC grad Daniel Kindred knew focus, drive and determination would help him during his program and his professional career

HVAC Technician graduate, Daniel Kindred, recognizes the value of focus, drive and determination.

Daniel Kindred, Refrigeration and HVAC Technician  (heating, ventilation, air conditioning technician) graduate from IntelliTec College in Colorado Springs, believes in old-fashioned principles: hard work, honesty, and the power of a thank you note.

After a tough HVAC Tech job interview with Academy School District #20 in Colorado Springs, he took the time to send a personal note of thanks to each person on the panel interview. “They asked some tough questions; questions I didn’t have all the answers to. I answered truthfully if I didn’t know something, but I also promised to research the questions and send them the answers. I included that information in my thank you notes, and I think that must have impressed them,” stated Kindred, “because I got the job!”

Make Every Dollar Count at College

When Kindred was 26 years old and still working at an hourly job in the food industry, he realized one day he had reached his earning potential. He was bored and depressed and “wanted to make more money by entering a growing career in HVAC.

I’d gone as far as I could as cook, and when I discovered IntelliTec, I saw it as a way out of just working and existing in life,” said Kindred. He dedicated himself to classes in the morning followed by an eight-hour restaurant shift (plus weekend hours) at his job, and study time whenever he had a free moment. “It was a struggle, but my main goal was to learn as much as I could while enrolled,” he added.

Juggling school and work can be challenging, but he advises students to look at the final picture. “Determine what sacrifices have to be made in order to succeed,” he explained. He takes advice from mentors seriously, and recognizes their shared personal experiences are valuable nuggets of information. “One teacher said ‘you’re not here to learn everything, but to understand how to learn for the future.’ I feel lucky to have a some of the best teachers in the industry as well as my dad giving me great advice,” said Kindred.

Invest in a Career with Innovation and Extra Effort for Big a Pay-Off

It takes a desire to learn and a level of integrity to be successful in the HVAC industry, according to one of Kindred’s former teachers, Charles Ledford. “The true test of any tech is to be able to refer him to family and friends since he would be directly in their homes. I wouldn’t hesitate to do so, and as a previous HVAC business owner, I’d hire him in a second.”

IntelliTec Offers a Strong Support Network Before, During and After Completion of a Program

Kindred recognizes he brought focus, drive, and determination to his college experience, but he attributes his success to a lot of help and encouragement from teachers and staff at IntelliTec. “You learn so much in such a short period of time, and not all of it relates just to your program classes. I felt like people there helped me with my first day jitters, kept me from feeling overwhelmed by pacing the content, and if it hadn’t been for my resume writing class, I don’t think I’d have the job I do today,” he said.



IntelliTec College Computer Network Systems Technician Graduate Begins a New Career in a New State

Posted: October 3rd, 2015   |   Author: Yvette de Ryk

Perseverance and a Positive Attitude Help Colorado Springs Student Excellence Award Winner Michael Coble Land a Job at Montana State University

IntelliTec College in Colorado Springs graduate Michael Coble lands job as Support Analyst at Montana State University in Bozeman.

Life is filled with interesting twists and turns, and sometimes those turns lead you in the wrong direction. That’s exactly what happened to Michael Coble. After retiring from a successful 21-year career in the army, he completed a degree in the automotive industry. But six months later he realized his new career just didn’t suit him. “There wasn’t anything wrong with the job, I just never felt it was the right one for me,” Coble explained.

Coble’s previous army interests led him to complete a degree in the Computer Network Systems Technician program at IntelliTec College in Colorado Springs. “When I initially joined the army it was to pay off loans,” said Coble, “I stayed because it presented opportunities in telecommunications and IT, which I really enjoyed.” However, he knew the IT industry focused more on the certifications than the experience, and that meant it was time to complete a degree.

Focus and Motivation Lead the Way to Student Excellence and a New Career

School wasn’t something Coble particularly enjoyed in his earlier years, but everything changed once he started his computer networking classes. He performed well (averaging a 4.0 GPA), and enjoyed his college experience. “I had the most thorough instructor, Mr. Carl Porter, who made the content both interesting and completely understandable. I also felt like his teaching style suited me,” said Coble.

Coble encourages students to start their job search well before graduation. “It’s essential to do early job preparation,” he stated, “I applied to a dozen or more IT jobs and was really starting to get frustrated.” Then he began working with Darlene Michaelis, Career Services Advisor, and she pointed him in a different direction; even a different state.

“Frankly, we were both surprised when he got the interview [Support Analyst at Montana State University in Bozeman], because those jobs are typically already locked in, and the posting is just due diligence. So for him, an outsider, to be hired is actually very cool,” Michaelis said.

Good Advice For All Students – Grades and Attendance Matter

Looking back, Coble recognizes the lessons he learned along the way. He urges students to remain focused. “Look at the big picture and remember what brought you to the school in the first place. How well you do in school, as well as your attendance, is a direct reflection of who you are, and employers pay attention to that,” Coble said.

About IntelliTec College in Colorado Springs

IntelliTec’s Computer Network Systems Technician training program is an Associate of Occupational Studies Degree that is designed to be completed in 18 months. Train hands-on in a CompTIA Authorized computer lab and learn the entry level IT skills necessary to become part of an IT department or work individually for a smaller business. Be prepared to sit for CompTIA, Microsoft and Cisco certification exams while also earning your degree.

IntelliTec College in Colorado Springs offers hands-on career training in the automotive technician, biomedical equipment repair technician, computer network systems technician, medical assistant, personal trainer and refrigeration & HVAC technician fields with associate degree (occupational) programs. Request information at or call 800-724-9636.




Medical Assistant Student Nathan Farris Believes Helping People in a Fulfilling Manner Makes Every Day a Happy Day

Posted: September 23rd, 2015   |   Author: Yvette de Ryk

A Strong Home Life With Love and Support Led IntelliTec Student to a 4.0 GPA and Plenty of Job Opportunities on His Horizon

IntelliTec Medical Assistant graduate Nathan Farris encourages students to “stay focused.” Farris enjoys employment as a Dialysis Technician.

Despite managing a patient’s pain and illness inherent in the medical assisting profession, Nathan Farris starts and ends his day feeling lucky; lucky to have a wife and daughter who encourage him to follow his dreams, and lucky to have a unique opportunity to make people feel better. “I get to help them through some of the toughest times, and that makes me feel pretty good. Not everyone experiences a heartfelt ‘thank you’ for doing their job,” explained Farris, “and at the end of the day, I can’t ask for much more than that.”

It doesn’t hurt to have a positive attitude. Pam Waterman, Director of Career Services Director at IntelliTec College Grand Junction Campus always saw Farris as courteous and polite in the hallways, greeting every type of student. “His positive and calming demeanor exudes a quiet confidence, and peers and patients alike can’t help but react positively to it.”

Confidence and Drive Open up Doors to Employment

“Nathan is not the type of person to rest on his laurels,” said Waterman. “We shared a job posting with him, and by that afternoon he’d applied, had an interview, and was offered the job,” she added. The company even offered him a higher rate than originally posted, and encouraged him to complete specific training essential to their office, for which they would cover the cost.

Farris accepted the MA position, applied his newly acquired skills at a gastroenterology office, and after one month he earned his certification as a Surgical Technician. “I must have impressed the powers-that-be enough to invest this training in me,” Farris replied modestly.

His optimistic attitude and new skill-set landed him a job as a Dialysis Technician at DCI Dialysis with “better pay, awesome benefits, and a shorter work week!” according to Farris. He’s even getting paid to further educate himself with on-the-job training as he studies for to become a Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician (CCHT). An added bonus – his new company will even pay for the exam!

Farris Shares His Advice for Current IntelliTec Students

Every student has his/her own approach to going back to school, but Farris believes the one thing that carried him through working full-time and attending classes in the evening was to stay focused. He explained, “It may seem like a there is no tomorrow, but as long as you really take your education seriously and apply your knowledge to life, the rest will handle itself.”

Farris immediately recognized all the medical assistant courses were designed to intertwine, streamlining the program with the essentials and a lot of ‘practical’ time. “This gives you the opportunity to hit the ground running,” explained Farris.

IntelliTec’s Real Life, Hands-On Training was the Key to Choosing a Program

“This was a genuine opportunity for me to expand my knowledge and create a career for myself,” said Farris. From the moment he opened the doors to IntelliTec College, Farris felt welcomed. Even when the courses became challenging, the staff were always helpful. One teacher in particular shared some helpful advice, but Farris plans to keep that to himself. His philosophy is “when someone gives me really good advice, I don’t like to spread it around for everyone else to use. Keeping it private is what gives me my edge.”

About IntelliTec College in Grand Junction

The Medical Assisting training program in Grand Junction gives you hands-on career training to earn your associate degree (occupational), which is design to be completed in 18 months. Get real-life practice in our modern clinical setting with personalized instruction from our experienced and supportive instructors. Complete an externship and also be prepared for up to five professional certifications.

IntelliTec College in Grand Junction offers hands-on career training in the automotive technician, business/accounting, cosmetology/beauty, dental assisting, medical assisting, pharmacy technician and refrigeration & HVAC technician fields with associate degree (occupational) and professional certificate programs. Request information at or call 1-800-724-9636.









Colorado Association of Career Colleges and Schools (CACCS) Honors IntelliTec Massage Therapy Graduate Teaerra Moore with “Student of the Year”

Posted: September 23rd, 2015   |   Author: Yvette de Ryk

Massage Therapy Graduate Teaerra Moore Once Suffered From Chronic Pain and Believes Strongly in the Healing Touch of Massage, Claiming, “I’m in it for life.”

Colorado Springs Massage Therapy Graduate Wins CACCS 2015 Student of the Year

Teaerra Moore, IntelliTec College in Grand Junction Massage Therapy Graduate, Wins CACCS 2015 Student of the Year

The CACCS honored Teaerra Moore as the 2015 Student of the Year in the category of “Physical/Massage Therapy.” The Denver Post hosted the award ceremony on September 18th, 2015 in Denver, CO at 9:00 am.

The selection process was extraordinarily competitive as schools nominated only their best and brightest students. “Teaerra demonstrated outstanding performance during her academic and professional journey while enrolled at IntelliTec College,” claimed Massage Therapy Program Supervisor Kathy German. “She’s has an incredible commitment to her career with demonstrated professionalism with fellow classmates and her many returning clients,” German added.

Personal Experience with Over 10 Years of Pain Steered Her Into a Career as a Massage Therapist

This career choice didn’t happen by accident for Teaerra Moore. Her own experience with successful massage treatments led her to believe in this form of pain relief. “I suffered from chronic pain since the age of nine and have seen between 30-40 doctors over the years. Nothing provided long-term relief. Finally, one doctor recommended massage, and after only one week I started feeling better. It changed my life.”

With diligent research she found the right massage therapy school at IntelliTec College in Grand Junction. Her systematic approach eliminated other programs in the area, and when she walked through IntelliTec’s doors she knew she found the college that fit her. “Everything about it just felt right. I loved the professional atmosphere of the clinic and the hands-on program,” said Moore.

Moore’s Goal is to Become the Best Massage Therapist – For Herself and For Her Son

Moore has serious plans for her future. She’d like to work alongside an established massage therapist for two to three years, and then learn the medical side of pain in a chiropractor’s office. Within five years she’d like to open up her own clinic. Moore attributes her drive to her passion for massage, but more importantly, to her desire to have her son be proud of his mom. Moore said, “Even when times were hard (and they were!), I kept my focus on my son. I wanted him to see that I didn’t give up, and hopefully I taught him to not give up on things either.”

Love and Support Encourage Moore to Believe in Herself for the First Time in Her Life

Teaerra has had strong support from her academic community and her family throughout her education. Instructors encouraged her to never give up and to regularly revisit the reasons for her career path choice. “One instructor regularly reminded me that no matter how badly I wanted to be perfect, I didn’t have to be, and that things worth doing took time,” shared Moore. Her father led by example, Moore explained. “He didn’t tell me how to live, he lived and let me watch him do it. Plus, he gave me the best gift anyone has ever has ever given me; he believed in me.” 

About IntelliTec College in Grand Junction

IntelliTec College in Grand Junction offers hands-on career training in Automotive Technician, Business Office Administration & Accounting, Cosmetologist, Dental Assistant, Medical Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, and Refrigeration & HVAC Technician. Request more information at or call 800-724-9636.


Inspiring Dental Assistant Overcomes Personal Obstacles to Get Technical Training and Lands Dream Job at a Prosthodontics Office in Grand Junction

Posted: April 29th, 2015   |   Author: Yvette de Ryk

IntelliTec College in Grand Junction Graduate Jenifer Denney Believes She Can Go Anywhere in Her Career – Now that She Knows What it Takes to Really Push Herself

Jenifer Denney, dental assistant grad, sees a bright future ahead

Dental Assisting graduate finds success with a can-do attitude and the hard work it takes to reach goals

There was a time when Jenifer Denney thought she might not make it through high school. Yet here she is today employed full time as a Dental Assistant, and the only employee in a prosthodontics office. She works the front desk, chair side and even functions as the lab technician.

“I’m so thankful I learned the fundamentals and experienced an externship while at IntelliTec. I can please even the most particular dentist, because I learned how to do things right,” explains Denney.

Dental Assisting Leads to a Bright Future With Career Advancement Opportunities

Denney feels lucky to currently work at an office that she loves, with an employer who believes in her and encourages her to further her training. She projects, “My five year plan? To continue to learn everything I can both by experience and by furthering my education.”

“He’s [the dentist] already sent me to several classes. I continue to build my skills and truly believe I’m on a career path with unlimited potential.” Her constant learning curve builds her confidence and leaves her grateful for an employer who believes in her future in dentistry.

Life is About Overcoming Obstacles with a Determination to Succeed

Denney lost her dad in 10th grade, which forced her to tackle adult issues as she worked alongside her mom cleaning vacation rentals to make ends meet. “I never really acted my age,” she added. Her mature outlook and personal expectations led her to jump into her education and career plans with both feet – without hesitation.

When she graduated from IntelliTec College with a 4.0 GPA, she did so as the youngest student in the Dental Assistant program. According to Jennifer Prather, Dental Assistant Program Manager at IntelliTec College, “Being able to get along with the older students could have been a big obstacle. But she has such a bubbly personality; you can’t help but like her.”

Denney’s goals are clear, “I am going to be the best at what I want to be; not just that girl, but the best girl.” This approach garnered her respect and admiration from classmates, and teachers alike. Her instructor, Karl Kunstadter, DDS, shared, “Jenifer has a personality that draws other people to her. Her attitude is one of ‘I can do that and I can do it well.’ She is a willing team player and always ready to help another student with course work or in the dental lab.”

IntelliTec’s Caring Environment Offered Support and Necessary Technical Skills

As much as she prides herself on her accomplishments while enrolled in the Dental Assistant program, she also believes she couldn’t have made it without the supportive network that IntelliTec College in Grand Junction fosters.

Denney explains, “I tell people all the time what a great school IntelliTec is, and how much I learned there. I can’t imagine going to any other school.”

“I went from spending 50% – 100% of my time on campus. I loved knowing I could walk through the halls and everyone knew my name. Even Dr. Scott, the campus director, greeted me in the hallways!” she exclaims.

About IntelliTec College in Grand Junction

IntelliTec’s Dental Assistant program is a Professional Certificate program that is designed to be completed in 9 months. Learn dental assisting skills in the classroom and work hands-on in a fully functioning dental clinic right on campus. Complete on-the-job training during your externship and prepared to sit for two industry-recognized Dental Assistant certification exams.

IntelliTec College in Grand Junction offers hands-on career training in Automotive Technician, Business Office Administration & Accounting, Cosmetologist, Dental Assistant, Medical Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, and Refrigeration & HVAC Technician. Request more information at or call 800-724-9636.


Young Single Mother Reaches High with Automotive Technician Degree & Academic Honors

Posted: March 5th, 2015   |   Author: Yvette de Ryk

Recent Graduate Audrey McKinney Receives Automotive Technology Program’s “Student Excellence” Award from IntelliTec College – a Technical School in Colorado Springs

Meet Audrey: an energetic, driven and extraordinarily positive person.

Her hard working, glass is half-full attitude earned her a degree as an Automotive Technician, and ultimately, the Student Excellence Award in her program at IntelliTec College – a technical trades school in Colorado Springs.

She wanted a career in a field with a dynamic industry where “change and opportunity could take me anywhere I wanted to go. Automotive Technology fit everything that I wanted in a career,” explained McKinney.

McKinney Advises, “the first and last step to everything is action.”

McKinney recognizes a journey is really only one step at a time. Education goals can appear mountainous if viewed as a whole, but when broken down into small segments, suddenly the mountain becomes a series of hills.

“Visualize what it will feel like to have that career, that home, that money, etc. that you desire, then take action,” she advises. “I took action without fear of repercussions. I remained positive and told myself that I can do anything I wanted.”

“As a student, I am powerful. I stay focused.”

“I found making and meeting short term goals were much more attainable and dramatically less overwhelming than trying to think 3 – 4 terms ahead,” shared McKinney. “That way I could dedicate myself to that particular task and reward myself when the six-week term ended.” (more…)


Automotive Training School Graduate Talks Shop About New Automotive Career

Posted: April 4th, 2012   |   Author: Shivaun Martynes
Travis DeCesaro - Auto Tech Graduate from IntelliTec College in Colorado Springs

Travis DeCesaro – Auto Tech Graduate from IntelliTec College in Colorado Springs

IntelliTec College, an automotive training school in Colorado Springs, gives students the tools they need to successfully work in auto career jobs they will truly enjoy. Travis DeCesaro is a recent graduate of this auto mechanic training program and has been kind enough to share his story.

Mr. DeCesaro graduated from IntelliTec College’s auto mechanic training program in 2010 and is currently working at Pueblo West Quicklane Tire and Auto Center in Pueblo Colorado. He has been working with them for over a year now.

Q: What are some of your favorite things about your new auto career job?

A: I would say my favorite part of my job is working with my hands as well as my head. Sometimes I have to use a lot of problem solving abilities. Also, I’m not flipping hamburgers! (more…)